In the face of Defamation – Standing up for what Right and Speaking for those who cannot – a Matter of Honor

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but still it is the right thing.  


Imagine as an American historian who has dedicated much of his life to studying Poland and especially Poland during the war era as objectively as possible being violated and maligned in some of the most vicious, vile, and degrading ways for simply trying to bring the story of the Polish people to the attention of the west. 

It happened, and it happened to me personally for just trying to do the right thing and speaking and being an advocate for many of those who could not speak. 

It began when I was invited to speaking engagements in New York and Connecticut and believe me, I had no idea what was about to happen to me and how it would change the course of my life.

Even before going I was soon informed that articles started appearing about me.  Articles in the most inflammatory manners. 

I believe they started with a few people who had problems with those that invited me and considered them “Polish Nationalists”, so they jumped on me and their seditious rumors about me spread.  People that had no idea about me as a person or who I was were slandering me, calling me a “figure of hate” a “White Nationalist”, of course, an “anti-Semite” and really anything degrading they could think of.

I became a target really of their misguided and ignorant writing.  Here I find the press, the lowest form of mass communication that exists.  There is no such thing as research or proof or speaking with the person they intend to ruin. 

Much of this had to do with them reading some of my work regarding Polish-Jewish relations and how I addressed the work of Jewish collaborators.  This infuriated them that I had the nerve to openly address the crimes of Jews.  

It is completely fine and even encouraged to defame the Polish, and in many ways, not historically accurately, but the moment a person touches on their dark history they become a target. 

To think about this kind of behavior is really remarkably shameful that people will openly and inaccurately smear others while hiding their own sins, it seems as a tactic to take the light off of their own past criminal deeds.  At least, this is what it looks like objectively after witnessing this maneuvering time after time.  

This was also at the time when I gave my speech on Act S.447 and the background of Jewish restitution and why I did not agree with Poland paying many Jews money for heirless properties. 

This hot topic and why I was censored from Youtube.  I was censored for having an opinion that differed from the many in the Jewish community, so that meant I should be silenced.  Can you imagine that?  Well, I guess many of you can now, since you recognize the deception that bleeds into our society.  

Orwell wrote, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”.  Is this where we are at?  This is the future?  This is my present and this very well may be the future for all of us that would like to speak openly about Polish history.  

For my actions, I was labeled a “Polish Nationalist”, a “Holocaust Revisionist”, and a “Holocaust Denier” for what I wrote.  They did everything they could possibly do to revise what I wrote and take what I wrote out of context distorting my work painting me in the worst way possible.

It’s ironic as well since they are accusing me of being a Holocaust denier while at the same time criticizing me for my writing on Jewish collaboration in their genocide?  It doesn’t make sense and I guess they are so completely wrapped up in their hate that facts like these simply don’t bother them, as long as they can get their nastiness across to the public. 

This shows a people with no moral compass or individuals with ethical behaviors.  They don’t care what they do to other people to get their way.  They don’t think about how their words will affect other people or what it can do to them, they only care about themselves and how they can promote their agenda.  

Through this event, I have recognized some of the lowest of the low in humanity.  I have witnessed people that are narcissistic, egomaniacal, and self-centered to the core.  

By doing this, they have an ultimate goal.  To shut me down or to get me to quit.  

For the event though, I did not go because of threats and actually holding the places I would speak at hostage by announcing they be hosting a “Holocaust Denier”.  I did not feel safe.  

Yet for everything else I do how can I can I quit when so much is at stake?  A whole history being revised and rewritten?  A whole people being shamed and slandered for crimes they did not commit?  Innocents being turned into savages.  Savages being turned into innocents. 

I cannot, as someone who believes so strongly in the truth and honor just back down even in the face of such tyranny and tribulation.  

One major reason I continue to do this is for the people I know personally and for those that support me.  They have asked me with all of their heart not to give up for the sake of their families and their history.  I have been given, in a sense, a duty, that I cannot just quit.  

There are individuals like Henryk Gudelski, a hero to me who was recently murdered in a hit and run, when he ran in marathons, he wore my name on his shirt.  Both his mother and daughter wrote me to tell me that I was his hero.

Or Barbara Wojnar, a Polish child Auschwitz survivor who knows all too well how Polish victims are being ignored and rewritten as collaborators. 

These are just two individuals that I feel I owe my work of sharing about Polish history for, but again, there are many, many more.  Many have written me personally telling me how essential my work is not just for them, but for their families that were murdered.  

Socrates stated, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” and never has a quote been more appropriate than in an incident like this.  

No one should be treated in such a manner as I was over a disagreement in history, especially one where no one can provide me with facts that will dispute what I say? 

I would not mind having open dialogue or a conversation, but either they are afraid or they are simply too far gone into their delusion of believing in Polish culpability of crimes and the absolute innocence of the Jewish people. 

Yet there is no dialogue and this is the same for having conversations online and in person sadly.  Instead, it is just personal attacks and name-calling.  I would openly desire to have an intellectually stimulating talk with someone who will discuss Polish-Jewish history in an objective an open manner, but that just doesn’t really happen. 

All of the writers of the articles, except one later and in revised manner ignored contacting me and only took the word of others.  As you can see this is not objective press.  This is a press with an agenda and a press with no shame or morals. 

Orwell also wrote that “Early in life, I had noticed that no event is ever reported correctly in a newspaper” and yes, Orwell nailed this, but in terms of my situation this seems almost too nice. 

In the end, we must know that there really is a fight against injustice and racism against the Polish people.  Some of the severity of some of the belligerence, ignorance, and hatred against the Poles by some Jews is reminiscent of black and white America.  This may also stem from their deep hatred of Palestians. 

A Jewish historian openly states that "This Jewish death was the result of the absolute impossibility to reach an agreement. For Polish it was simply a biological, natural question–just death, nothing more, whereas for Jews was a tragedy, a dramatic experience, metaphysics, the encounter with the highest."

To me, this is despicable that no one actually protested this kind of talk, is this not what the Aryans believed? 

Malcolm X stated “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” 

Did the leaders of the Civil Rights give up when they were smeared and even threatened (like I was) or did they continue?  It is truly a decision that is already made for me now.  It is no longer a choice I don’t think because silence, in my opinion, is complicity and as far in as I am now I must be committed.  



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