“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell”

Our society is in a fight for the truth, especially in regard to history. One cannot so easily speak openly about their thoughts about the past without being defamed if that opinion does not meet the standards of what our society believes is true. 

This is especially true in regards to anything that involves the victimhood narrative. We’ve become so sensitive as not to offend that we will simply not tell the truth or avoid inconvenient pasts for fear of causing harm to that said reputation.

How far will we go to stop telling history with all of its facts objectively? This is a question we must all ask ourselves. 

I believe as a historian we have gone too far, far too long it has become common to avoid difficult topics that may trigger uncomfortable feelings, thinking, or questioning. 

As an individual who is directly involved with Polish history, I have become intricately involved with historical manipulation based on this narrative and also based on the agendas behind that.

During World War II the Polish were in a fight for their lives. Poland was a rather diverse ethnic mix, with Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian, and even Germans within the borders. During this time, the Poles and the Jews were especially victimized by the Germans yet acted differently during the war.

Throughout Polish-Jewish history, which was long and well documented, when Poland was attacked or occupied, it was all too often that the Jews collaborated with Poland’s enemies.  This was not lost on the Polish and this betrayal did not stop during World War II, both with the Germans and the Soviets. The priority of the Jewish community was first and foremost the Jewish community, not working with the Poles to fight together. 

Identifying this after much study has caused me much grief. For much of the war the Poles, who had the largest underground army in Europe were fighting and held a revolt in 1944. This is in opposition to Jewish collaboration with the Germans throughout the war which was highly organized and well-functioning.



Yet any mention of this has become taboo. Openly speaking of German-Jewish collaboration is not well taken by many Jewish people and is considered slanderous, although well documented by Jews living at the time. The thought that Jews could be trying to prevent their own demise by working with their German oppressors has been completely written out of history and in some schools of thought considered Holocaust denial.

If one looks at Polish collaboration, there was practically none. The Israeli war stats put it a .1 percent and there were no organized Polish collaborators except the Polish “Blue” police who were ordered to work under the threat of death and with that, it is estimated that over fifty percent were working with the Polish underground. 

There is an attempt right now to blame Poland for collaboration with the Germans and after a long time of observing this, it has become apparent that there is an agenda behind this. In my personal opinion, part of this is one of blaming the co-victim for their crimes because of shame and guilt in this matter.

There is a very real psychological part to this. What I have witnessed is a real denial of what happened and persistence to shame co-victims for the genocide which in reality was a very real and tragic part of their story, a grasp at trying to stay alive at all costs.  Regardless, I find it unnecessary and shameful to deny this past and blame it on others that played no real part in this horror.  

This is a serious accusation, but I find much behind this because more than often one will actually see more defamation of the Polish over the Germans now. The sights have been shifted. That one I view as financial. There is an ongoing struggle right now, especially in the media aimed at Poland. 

This issue is an act that is aimed at reparations from Poland. Act S.447, a bill from American Jewish Holocaust Organizations backed by congress intent on gaining 300 billion from Poland for damages from World War II. Which in my opinion is absurd. These monies have been paid and any claims should be sent to Germany. The problem is, that Germany has already paid the Jews and Israel billions, so they are seeking new targets.



In order to push this bill, the Jewish organizations have to manipulate public opinion against Poland to legitimize these claims. They are rewriting history and at this point turning the Poles into criminals worse than the Germans. This, in my opinion, it’s reprehensible and needs to be brought to light so the public is informed of what is going on behind the scenes. 

The reaction to speaking out against this act has been one of censorship. When I decided to make a statement about this providing the facts behind this act and the truth about the Poles during World War II, my whole YouTube channel was shut down and de-platformed. Clearly, someone doesn’t want the public to be informed about this act and will go to any lengths to dissuade open dialogue about this legislation.  The reasoning behind my channel being shut down was that it was “Hate Speech” that was being spread.

When Poles came out to speak out about this act to protest they were demonized and defamed as fascists, neo-Nazis, and anti-Semites. The media deemed them as German collaborators that were killing Jews and stealing Jewish property. These were outright fabrications, but the problem is, as so often that happens that they are believed and the Polish don’t have the platform that the Jewish have to respond. 

Any true Polish World War II scholar who truly studies this subject, this era, and the personal stories knows that part of the reason the Holocaust was easier to carry out and why it was so efficient is because of Jewish willingness and assistance. Whatever reason one might want to give for why Jews did this does not take away that it happened and this should not be eliminated from history.



This can be considered a dark chapter, but it is a chapter nonetheless. Only when Jews were certain of their death did they put up any form of resistance during the Ghetto Uprising which they should be proud of. This was also with the help of the Polish which is negated by Jewish historians which is historical revisionism as we see too often in regards towards to the Polish.

More can be said with the September campaign with the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 that is mostly unknown in the west. With that co-invasion with the Germans many Jewish neighbors of ethnic Poles collaborated with the Soviets, the Poles’ enemies. They took over positions of power in the cities and drew up lists of Polish elites and town leaders to be sent to Siberia. Other Poles were actually murdered by Jews and their property taken over, yet none of this is known to the public nor cared about in regards to Polish-Jewish history.



These are actually victims of terrible crimes that could be categorized as that genocide because these individuals were also murdered in many instances specifically because they are Polish. This will never be identified nor will those that perpetrated the crimes be identified because of who they are, which is politically incorrect and does not fit the current victimhood agenda.

Also when looking at post-war Poland many of the Jews worked with the Soviets who now were in control. These were not good people, these were war criminals who tortured and murdered Polish patriots who were fighting the Germans now being accused of collaborating. Poles were tortured and murdered by the thousands and thrown into unmarked graves, this happened at the hands of many Jews whose lives were actually saved by Poles. 

Two important Poles that faced tortures, trials, and executions at the hands of Jewish Soviets were General “Nil” Fieldorf a Polish icon and hero who was accused of collaboration with the Germans and tried in a sham trial, then executed. 



Another, one of the most heroic men of the century was Captain Witold Pilecki. This man actually volunteered for Auschwitz to assess what was happening and unlike many, was able to escape and then inform the allies to the situation which was ignored. He was tortured, tried, and executed mainly at the hands of Jewish communists. 



A major issue has been for the Polish when they point this out, they are automatically accused of antisemitism as it so often happens with criticism of Jews in legitimate forms. This blocks any form of open dialogue or debate and proceeds to halt moving forward in holding war criminals accountable for the only reason being that they are Jewish. They have become above the law. The victim has become the victimizer. 

The same goes now in the United States and abroad with criticism of Israel. Legitimate forms of criticizing Israeli policies now equate to anti-Semitism and people are fearful of speaking morally against what they see as criminal action for fear of very real repercussions. One may lose their job, tenure, and opportunities. This has become a bully bat to beat people into silence. No one is immune from this and the smallest slight may cause irreparable damage to an individual. 

Laws are now trying to be passed in our country, one of free speech, where criticism by American citizens of Israel, a foreign entity, would become illegal and would be equated to anti-Semitism. This goes against every fiber of our independence and ability and right to speak out against injustice, yet because of this so-called victim status, one people over all others are capable of deciding what and what cannot be said.

Again, as for Polish history, none of this negates the facts that there were Polish criminals, but what is heard today is that Poles were overwhelmingly anti-Semitic and that they were murderous bandits, illiterate pigs, bent on raping, killing, and burning Jews and this is just not based on fact. This has been all too commonly propagated by pseudo-historians and the mainstream media that picks up on that. 

One will not hear that if Poles were caught not forcibly collaborating with the Germans, they were automatically executed by the Polish underground army and this included Poles who willingly betrayed Jews. The Poles that worked with the Germans and blackmailed Jews were also considered the lowest of the low, scum to the Polish people.  Poles also faced the death penalty for aiding Jews for not just the individual, but their entire family and this punishment was only in Poland. Tens of thousands of Poles still risked their lives and died horrendous deaths aiding Jews. 



Most articles do not mention any of this. They are misconstrued and leave out these important historical facts that would give the public a more reasonable view of what was taking place during the German genocide and why people acted like how they did.  Leaving vital facts out and lying by omission is deceitful and more than historical revisionism, it is fiction.

Two of the major offenders of these are so-called historians Jan Gross (not even a historian) and Jan Grabowski, neo-Stalinists who are experts in weaving manipulative accounts using unfounded sources from unreliable witnesses. They use testimonies from those who fit what they are seeking to produce material for their books. These texts have been debunked by Polish historians, but the west uses them as experts for their mainstream media articles and interviews.



Allowing one people to escape accountability is simply unjust and unfair. How is it that all other people can be held under the microscope but one other people can avoid any suspicion or any form of criticism? This form of thinking is truly harmful when one thinks about it deeply and humanely when considering the validity of the humanity of all people and it represents a form of bigotry and supremacist thinking.

How is it possible to address this when speaking openly about the victims being the victimizers is only met with personal attacks, defamation, and censorship? How is it that we pay for Holocaust museums that are in every major city and organizations with our tax money that honor Jewish victims often without regard for other victims?



Communism killed over one hundred million people, but rarely do we hear about the effect of this devastating ideology. Where are the museums to honor all of these people? Communism was also a form of genocide.  Why is one genocide more valuable than another.  Something is wrong here.



There should be no monopoly on suffering or industry based on victimhood. All people suffer and all people hurt equally and all should be honored equally as well. If we truly believe in the equality of people we must act in this manner, we cannot just say it.  America is based on justice and the belief that all people should be judged the same as well, but the reality is different. 

This can only be addressed when there is a total reconsideration of history with objective teaching, learning, and thinking and then rational and open dialogue. This has to start on a ground level because we are so saturated with lies that infiltrate our educational system and indoctrinates the youth and the public on all levels. Individuals need to learn how to start asking hard questions from the start. 

Non-fiction in the United States is not non-fiction, it is an opinion backed by agendas. Lies are disguised as the truth and people often believe what they read and see without questioning. Telling the truth with all of the facts, unfettered, may not sell or fit what is supposed to be said, so it is silenced. 

It is vital to seek the truth at all costs regardless of how you may feel or what you believe. Being blinded by discrimination and stubborn habits will only keep you in mental slavery and you will not see the world as it is. This may make you happy in your judgment, resentment, and bliss, but you won’t be free. 


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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

- George Orwell