PRICE OF INVOLUTION (4)- ′′cultural and spiritual heroism“, so welcome to the new reality What is the creation of a new ′′historical consciousness′′ in the European Union in accordance with the concept of the Cantora Concept, and overseas in accordance with Law 943 in force since May this year, which will jointly lead to the creation of a ′′new soc USA state Mike Pompeo. 

In February 2019, Warsaw, he first demanded that the Polish authorities make ′′progress on a comprehensive legislation concerning the restitution of the property of people who lost their property during the Holocaust era “He then added:′′ The life of Frank Blajchman the American ideal. An ideal that says that anyone with big dreams can rise high.

Blajchman was one of many brave Jewish guerrillas in Poland who risked their lives while defending the Nazi machine“. If the politician of that rank presents the virtue of a Jewish bandit, the murderer of the National Army soldiers and after war a Public Security officer, with which IPN is conducting a crime investigation – this is not good. 

What is the truth about Blajchman, a Jew from Kamionka near Lubartów, ′′the embodiment of the American dream“? After the war broke out, he traded on the black market, then for several years he hid from Polish hosts so that it was only in 1943, con join the Jews hiding in the Kozłowiecki Forests and eventually take the command of the guerilla branch. In memory of the Polish population, the Blajchman group signed up not only with fights with Germany, but also After the war, Blaichman served in the Department of Public Safety to go to the U.S. in 1951, where he worked as a construction worker – and that’s basically so much for his ′′heroism“. Half a century later, in 2009. 

′′I’d rather die fighting. Memories of World War II ′ – which was slogan: ′′A Jewish guerrilla who had to fight not only with Nazis, but also with Polish anti-Semitism“. How did the UB ′′hero′′ describe the National Army? ‘Predatory anti-Semitic AK and Nazi’s orders National Armed Forces‘. In one of the chapters, Blaichman claims the UK was ′′campaigning to kill Jews ′ and admits killing two National Army soldiers, which in itself would have led to the initiation IPN investigation – and yes it happened in 2010 

However, the murderer of the AK soldiers didn’t see the earthly court, and from the IPN point of view, it’s probably better, because I can already see the ′′gymnastics′′ of prosecutors who are breaking their heads, how can we not accuse a Jew After Blaichman’s death, the probe into the slaughter has been dropped, but thanks to the likes of Pompeo However, the assassin’s book was analyzed and it became clear that the fights he described with Germany were in his ill imagination, and where it really happened – it was the fights of the National Army, not the Jewish arm Going back to the curriculum implemented in American and in a moment in European schools, it’s impossible to unnotice the mockery of the heroic fight. 

Interesting ′′information in this regard is contained in the Act 943 tables on the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto: ′′General Jürgen Stroop informed on May 16, that the uprising had been suppressed, but small groups of mil This formation of a small group of uneducated fighters, many aged a dozen, lasted longer than the Polish army-led fight for Poland“. 

What can you say? I’ve heard lots of lies before, so I knew that Jewish environment specialized especially in three types of manipulation: the first was to emphasize the uniqueness of Jewish suffering, the other to depress the suffering of other nations, the latter to simply create a legend of his own heroism and attempts to but this? 

It’s easy to understand what image of Polish society as a result of such manipulation every American and European teen. 

The message was clear: Poles are cowards, in fact, Nazis who sucked up their mother’s milk with anti-Semitism and who only marked the fight with Germany Two – it’s a fairy tale about a few hundred Jewish fighters who, like the Spartan pattern under Thermopiles, resisted thousands of German troops, even though it And how was it really? 

The German forces used to fight against the Jews are two thousand soldiers and the losses included dozens of people killed, several damaged vehicles, including two armored cars and one truck – in total – as for such fired combats, lasting longer than the Polish Armed Forces 1939-not much.

Just the idea of comparing the clash between millions of armies face-to-face with an open visor, to Jews hiding in rubble cellars, being grabbed by Germans and found murdered, would be tragically grotesque had it not been abstract and dangerous . Analysis of the materials regarding the aid provided to Jews during World War II by representatives of European The greatest heroes helping Jews are supposed to be… Danes whose ′′ resistance movement ′′ in 1943 enabled the Jews to flee to Sweden, supposedly a heroic act. The facts were different. Germany took over Denmark in one day as the Danes gave up without a fight. 

Under occupation this pragmatic nation that – just like the Swedes – wanted to earn money in the war, not die, lived almost like before the There were no murders, no camps, no harassment. The occupiers were content with the stationing of a small military contingent and the country served as an autonomous state, excluding foreign policy – the entire administration was in the hands of the The Germans cared about the supply and didn’t want to irritate a situation that might disrupt provision. 

The Jewish diaspora in Denmark had seven thousand people and during almost the whole war this country was an oasis of peace for Jews It wasn’t until the fall of 1943 that the Germany introduced a state of emergency and then, at the end of the war, Arrests are scheduled for late September, but Jews have been warned. 

It wasn’t difficult due to the small numbers. It has been agreed that fugitives will be accepted by Sweden, a neighboring country. Over the next few days, Danish fishermen transported the Jews unobstructed to Sweden – and that’s the whole action celebrated in world history books as a model of dedication There are two facts left that they should believe in popping ′′ heroism ′′ like a nail in a shoe. The first – nobody interfered the evacuation of Danish Jews. 

Second, more importantly: there was no altruism in this because entrepreneurial Danes considered the evacuation of the Jews Small fishing boat owners demanded huge quotas these days, though the Swedish coastline is three to ten kilometers away from Denmark and Germany was passive. Jews had to pay from ninety to thirty hundred dollars to transport, but for some of the richest, the Danes raised the tariff to five thousand. And yes, in just a few days, Danish fishermen, unlike Germany, made one and a half million dollars – the equivalent of about thirty million dollars Indeed – heroes, you know. 

Obviously neither these nor many other facts were included in program materials. The aid of Poles to the Jews, for which was threatened with the death of entire families – in the realities of the heavy occupation that the world didn’t know, during which the exit to the store was ′′ a journey into the unknown “, often ended in handcuff A few paragraphs are dedicated to Irena Sendlerowa, to the Ulm family – that These stories couldn’t be skipped because they are famous in the world, so treated on the principle of ′′ few heroes against the rest of the Nazi nation “. 

Of course, American youth today – European and not just tomorrow – won’t hear a word of cooperation Germany as part of the Judenrates. Czerniakov or Rumkowski are only mentioned in the context of the functions performed in There is no collaboration between the leaders of the Vienna Jewish Commune, Dr. Löwenher and Beinenfeld, Kastner collaborating with Germany – Eichmann himself – and many others have been ′′ forgot There is no place for Jewish criminals in the educational programs, because according to the innovative teachings Poles worked with the Nazis – the rest are irrele What about the Jewish people? How poetically included in the program that has been introduced since this year in the USA, also prepared for students throughout the EU – they were supporting ′′ cultural and spiritual ′′ CDN part of the book ′′ Return to Silk 2 “. Wojciech Sumlinski


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