Churchill and Roosevelt on the "Katyn affair"

The growing Polish-Soviet crisis was beginning to threaten Western-Soviet relations at a time when the Poles' importance to the Allies, significant in the first years of the war, was beginning to fade, due to the entry into the conflict of the military and industrial giants, the Soviet Union and the United States. In a retrospective review of records, both British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt were increasingly torn between their commitments to their Polish ally and the demands by Stalin and his diplomats.


Response to the Deception in Holocaust Curriculum about Polish Collaboration

Response to Deception in Holocaust Curriculum about Polish Collaboration from Gene Sokolowski, PhD.   An incredibly well-written response from one of our own about the manipulation of history in another attempt to frame the Polish for crimes they did not commit.   Perhaps this is another attempt to deflect the crimes from the Jews themselves and place the blame on the convenient scapegoats, the Poles.     This is a never-ending battle that we are up against, but we can continue to fight back because we do have the truth.   I urge you to also write the State Superintendent Catherine Truitt at  I doubt she is aware of this, this is all mandated from the Holocaust institutions to indoctrinate our children.    


The Gardelegen Massacre

′′ You've been told that German war crimes are made up of Allied propaganda. Now you see for yourselves. Some will say this is the work of Nazis; others will point to the Gestapo. It's not true. All Germans are responsible.  Your so-called race of lords has shown that they can only rule in crimes, atrocities, and sadism. You have devoid of the respect of the civilized world ′′ - US army colonel George Lynch to the German inhabitants of Gardelegen.   One American soldier stated: "I never was so sure before of exactly what I was fighting for. Before this you would have said those stories were propaganda, but now you know they weren't. There are the bodies and all those guys are dead."  


In Poland during World War II - differences between the German occupation in Poland and the German occupation in other countries

Only in Poland, the differences between German-occupied Poland and other occupied countries.    


Facebook ban for posting about the Soviet Rapes of the Poles

"A 52-year-old victim of gang rape from Pińczów testified that two Soviet war veterans returning from Berlin told her that they fought for Poland for three years and thus had the right to have all Polish females." 

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The Second Reich and the Genocide of Herero

Germans have always stated that Nazism was an aberration of their history; now, they may want to rediscover the Second Reich's past and rethink if Nazism is an aberration or an excuse to avoid their true selves.  


Operation Arsenal, code name: "Meksyk II"

Operation Arsenal, code name: "Meksyk II" (Polish: Akcja pod Arsenałem) was the first major operation by the Szare Szeregi (Gray Ranks)  


The Manipulation of Collective Memory and the Consequences

Maurice Halbwachs (1992) invented the term collective memory to define knowledge about the past that is shared, mutually acknowledged, and reinforced by collectivities. Most people previously thought that memories simply reflected past events; Halbwachs disagrees and stated that memories are socially constructed in light of present-day interests. “Interests”, in my opinion, is a vague term and can also allude to many different things.  These interests can mean gaining or pursuing something that is beneficial for the specific group that has developed pursuant to collective history. 


The Khatyn Massacre in Belorussia and the methods of execution

Actions like this took place in Poland, one particular case that is almost an exact copy of this is Jewdabe. 


Oskar Karliner - Soviet Criminal and So-called Martyr of Polish Antisemitism

Karliner was responsible for introducing the practice of prolonging arrests, unjustified exacerbation of criminal repression, and judging on the basis of uncertain evidence, pressuring the court towards the conviction of certain high penalties. This led to the convictions and deaths of innocent or patriotic Polish citizens.  





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I am using this platform to continue the battle against revisionism and propaganda. Poland fought and suffered and are now being attacked in a variety of ways for various agendas.

In the name of historical accuracy and truth, we must respond.


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Check the compendium of informations about Polish-Jews relations and encounters.




In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

- George Orwell